“Motivation for Learning and Performance” (9780128007792)


Title: Motivation for Learning and Performance
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Motivation for Learning and Performance
Author: Hoffman, Bobby
First name: Bobby
Last name: Hoffman
Imprint: Academic Press
Owner:Elsevier S & T
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Designed for educators, researchers, practitioners, or anyone interested in maximizing human potential, Motivation for Learning and Performance outlines 50 key motivation principles based on the latest scientific evidence from the disciplines of psychology, education, business, athletics, and neurology. Using a highly applied and conversational style, the book is designed to inform the reader about how to diagnosis, analyze, and mediate learning and performance challenges influenced by motivation. The book features chapters on the biopsychology of motivation, how motivation changes across the lifespan, and the important influence of culture on motivated behavior. Three chapters are devoted to practical strategies and the implementation of motivational change. Special sections are included on enhancing motivation at work, in the classroom, in competitive environments, and during online education. Hoffman employs the innovative approach of using his interviews with “real” people including many notable personalities across diverse cultures and disciplines to illustrate motivated behavior. For example, readers will learn what motivated the colossal investment fraud masterminded by Bernie Madoff, the intimate thoughts of former NFL superstar Nick Lowery when he missed a field goal, and the joys and tribulations of Emmy-nominated “Curb your Enthusiasm” actress Cheryl Hines. The book provides a practical, applied, and multi-disciplinary resource for anyone interested in motivation and performance, but especially for university students at the graduate or undergraduate level studying education, psychology, business, leadership, hospitality, sports management, or military science. Additionally, the writing style and eclectic nature of the text will appeal to readers of non-fiction who can use the book to gain self-awareness to enhance performance of themselves or others.Uses a multi-disciplinary approach and the latest scientific evidence to identify the 50 key principles of motivationLists dozens of authentic motivational strategies to improve learning and performanceDiscusses how to overcome resistance when implementing motivational changeIncludes a special section on 75 different ways motivation is measuredIncludes interviews with famous individuals, identifying what motivated them and why


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