“Lithium-Ion Batteries: Advances and Applications” (9780444595133)


Lithium-Ion Batteries: Advances and Applications
Lithium-Ion Batteries: Advances and Applications
Pistoia, Gianfranco
Elsevier (S&T)
Elsevier S & T



<p><i>Lithium-Ion Batteries</i> features an in-depth description of different lithium-ion applications, including important features such as safety and reliability. This title acquaints readers with the numerous and often consumer-oriented applications of this widespread battery type.</p> <p><i>Lithium-Ion Batteries</i> also explores the concepts of nanostructured materials, as well as the importance of battery management systems. This handbook is an invaluable resource for electrochemical engineers and battery and fuel cell experts everywhere, from research institutions and universities to a worldwide array of professional industries. </p><br><br><ul><li>Contains all applications of consumer and industrial lithium-ion batteries, including reviews, in a single volume</li><li>Features contributions from the world’s leading industry and research experts</li><li>Presents executive summaries of specific case studies</li><li>Covers information on basic research and application approaches</li></ul>


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