Navigating Information Literacy (9781775958079)


Navigating Information Literacy
Navigating Information Literacy
T Bothma, E Cosijn, I Fourie, C Penzhorn
Theo, Erica, Ina, Cecilia
Bothma, Cosijn, Fourie, Penzhorn
Pearson Holdings South Africa
Pearson Education Southern Africa


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This enhanced ebook, Navigating Information Literacy: Your Information Society Survival Toolkit, captures a range of skills and topics essential for students who intend positioning themselves in academic or workplace environments that are globally connected and competitive. In these environments, information literacy is no longer a ‘nice to have’ or recommended proficiency, but a life-long skill to be nurtured throughout advanced academic studies and workplace experiences. The clear, well-structured and informative text leads the reader through all aspects of information literacy, and provides practical advice and relevant examples from a variety of international contexts. This book comes with videos, interactive activities, questions and answers, and various interactive features that allow the reader to engage with the content in a multifaceted way.


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